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clio station wagon

Renault Clio s.w.

or other similar station wagons







To the basic price of the car can be added an extra insurance of € 20 per day that allows customers to have a complete or almost complete coverage of the car:

-With the basic insurance in case of damage there is a deductible to be paid with a maximum of € 2000, while in case of theft the deductible is € 4000

-With full insurance in case of damage the cost to be paid is OE, while in case of theft there is always a deductible of € 500

-In case of accident with reason the customer will pay only 100€ for the management of practices.

Car Rental Info

In the following lines we inform our customers of the rules and requirements for renting cars:

1- The customer must be provided with a driving license and tax code.

2- The rental contract will be made in via maestri del lavoro (Brindisi) near the 2P service station

3- Deliveries and collection in the city will have a surcharge of € 10

4- In addition to the cost of the rental at the collection of the car it will be mandatory to leave a deposit of € 300 in cash for deposit, which will be returned at the end of the rental if there is no damage or failure to refuel.

5- If the customer wishes to extend the car must come and pay the extra days at the end of the first contract.

Summer prices

Small gasoline car :

€ 60 days € 400 set. € 1600 men.

Average Diesel Car :

€ 80 days € 600 set. € 2000 men.

Big Car Diesel :

€ 100 days € 700 set. € 2500 men.


I recently used go2rent for a rental and I can say that in addition to the incomparable convenience I found a great customer service, attentive and efficient in solving problems with the supplier.
I will gladly use it in the future and highly recommend it.

Salvatore Cocciolo

Perfect rental. We rented the car for a trip to Salento. No problem. Clarity in information and accuracy in booking.
Highly recommended!

Maddalena Sardella